Warehouse, Fulfillment & Distribution

Our dedicated team strives to maintain the highest industry standards in the preparation and delivery of all our customers’ finished goods.

Fulfillment Team

Our Fulfillment team is part of our “Value Added” customer oriented business strategy. Once you have decided to print with us, why not take advantage of our in-house 50,000 square feet Warehousing/Inventory Control and Pick and Pack services. With competitive storage and order processing rates we can remove any of the unnecessary overhead costs associated with large marketing campaigns.

We create and administer customized web-based interfaces that allow our customers to place orders online from their desktop that go directly to our Fulfillment team for order processing and shipping of any stored materials in our “Print Specialized” warehouse environment. This enables a more direct and efficient method of supplying your business requirements in a timely and cost-effective manner. We can also create/build customized reporting for whatever your requirements are using our online proprietary software in-house.

From our own fleet to small courier companies, CJ Fulfillment & Logistics Solutions ships with virtually everyone. Whether you require FedEx, Purolator or UPS shipments, our division has permanent and dedicated terminals to ship with all three major carriers which include fast tracking and proof of deliveries whenever needed. Whatever your carrier preferences are, CJ Fulfillment & Logistics Solutions will accommodate.

Our Fleet

• 2013 International/4300 5 Ton Truck
• 2008 Freightliner 5 Ton Truck
• 2015 Hino 185 Single Axle Automatic, Box Truck
• 2012 Dodge Ram, Van
• 2008 Toyota Sienna, Van

We work with several large and small shipping companies for overflow as well to meet all our client’s needs.

On-Site Recycling

Our on-site recycling facilities enable us to remove any concern about the proper disposal and environmentally-friendly reclamation of your intellectual property. CJ Fulfillment & Logistics Solutions takes great care and effort to ensure a multitude of media materials is recycled properly. What makes great environmental sense also makes great business sense!