3D Printing

3D Colour is Canada’s best source for 3D printing technology, from the user-friendly MakerBot series of 3D printers to the amazing Mcor IRIS and Arke – eco-friendly, full-colour 3D printers that use paper to print beautiful 3D prints. Our Mississauga showroom features both MakerBot and Mcor devices, letting you view and experience the technology first hand.


Mcor Technologies envisions a future where everyone can easily turn their ideas into low-cost, full-colour, eco-friendly 3D objects. Providing accessibility to a once niche technology is the driving force behind Mcor’s IRIS line of 3D printers. Based on Selective Deposition Lamination (SDL) technology, they are
the only 3D printers to use paper as the build material, creating durable, stable and realistic models.


Explore the exciting possibilities of the desktop 3D printing revolution! MakerBot printers use PLA plastic filament to produce 3D objects, and are great for creating prototypes in professional and educational settings, or for making fun gadgets for the home. Available in a variety of sizes and price-points, MakerBot printers are reliable and easy to use for those interested in exploring 3D printing technologies.


CJ Interactive operates advanced 3D print devices on-site, outputting both single colour plastic and dynamic, full colour three-dimensional prints. Whether you are creating a custom art piece, a uniquely personalized gift, a prototype for a new product or a replacement part for your home or office, 3D printing offers a variety of exciting possibilities for producing physical objects from your digital designs. Our Mississauga showroom, located just off the Queen Elizabeth Way, features both MakerBot and Mcor devices, letting you view and experience the technology first hand.

Equipment & Services

  • MakerBot® Replicator® Desktop 3D Printer
  • Mcor IRIS True 3D Colour Printer

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