CJ Graphics Inc. is dedicated to the promotion of innovative business practices that minimize our impact on the environment not because it’s smart business but because we feel it’s the right thing to do!

CJ Graphics Inc. continues to be recognized for its commitment to sustainability not only by our clients but also through award contests and our Industry. Practicing environmentally responsible manufacturing printing has always been important to us.

We collect and recycle all paper waste in the production cycle, including pre-production trimmings from paper cutters and post-production waste, including corrugated cardboard, from printing and binding operations.

All our production facilities are computer controlled for heat, air-cooling and humidity to ensure optimal energy efficiency. Unprinted stock remaining after a job is completed is donated to local hospitals, day care centres, schools, colleges and community groups.

We also aggressively recycle all plastic and aluminum beverage cans. We support Green ShiftTM and their endeavours to leave a smaller carbon footprint.

We are members of several professional printing organizations, which actively pursue environmental concerns at the Provincial and Federal Government levels.

In our annual staff awards, we have an environmental category where team members can suggest ideas to better the environment in our work space, manufacturing processes and policy and procedures.

CJ Graphics Inc. is proud to be a socially and environmentally responsible company, and as such, has obtained certifications from various organizations.

• Solar Panels on roof for hot water – First printer in Canada
• Wind Turbines power outdoor lighting – First printer in Canada
• LED and T5 fluorescent lighting throughout – One of the first printers to adopt
• BioDerived Ink
• Automatic Ink Dosing
• Recycling of all paper waste
• Recycling unused stock
• ML Humidification
• Computer-to-Plate with chemical recycling
• Remote Online Proofing
• Reverse Osmosis Water
• Hydro Conditioning
• The BioDerived INK, SolarEnergy and Wind Power programs and logos were designed and trademarked for CJ Graphics to promote our environmental responsibility which continues to surpass our industry’s standards. These designations are for the exclusive use of our clients.

“ The environment has always been important to us at CJ Graphics Inc. We were one of the first printers in Canada to switch to BioDerived inks, as well as adopt solar energy and windmill-generated electricity. We believe that if we all do our part to reduce our footprint, the world will be a better place!”

– Jay Mandarino President & CEO

Lightening Our Step | Our Environmental Initiatives


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