Open House

Annual Open House and Fundraiser

On the first Friday of December each year, the staff of CJ Graphics Inc. host an Open House soiree and smorgasbord. Guests include leading art directors, photographers, artists and politicians, representatives of major graphic arts suppliers, celebrities, and of course, CJ clients.

Hot Spot

During the weeks leading up to the party – the company’s 230 thousand square foot printing facility is magically transformed into an entertainment complex that would rival any city hot spot. Party-goers get to enjoy a live DJ, an “up-close” magician, a Gallery Display and a live auction of some great items by master auctioneer Jay, with proceeds going to the CJ Skateboard Foundation. And then there’s the surprise gift that guests are given when they leave.

Food & Beverages

Party-goers also get to enjoy sumptuous food and beverages. Fabulously decorated tables everywhere feature:

  • Wine: United Stars
  • Beer: Harp
  •  Juice: The Juice Bar by Barry Tull
  •  Soft Drinks: Pepsi
  •  Catering: Per Se Fine Food & Catering
  •  Pulled Pork: Per Se Fine Food & Catering
  •  Sushi: Sushi 2 Go
  •  Oysters: Rodney’s Oyster House
  •  Pizza: Rocco’s Plum Tomato
  •  Hamburgers: Woody’s Burgers
  •  Chicken Hot Dogs: Maple Lodge Farms
  •  Desserts: Dufflet Pastries
  •  Coffee: Tim Hortons


The price of admission for each guest to this much sought-after, by-invitation-only, high-profile event is one non-perishable food item for Toronto’s Daily Bread Food Bank. Security is provided by officers of the Toronto Police Department.