Press Release: Annan & Sons Merger

> September 1, 2017 CJ Graphics Inc. News, Press Release

Jay Mandarino, President & CEO of C.J. Graphics Inc. a member of The C.J. Group of Companies and the management team are proud to share the following announcement.

As of September 2017, it is with great pleasure that we reveal the merger of Annan & Sons Ltd. as a new division of C.J. Graphics Inc. Both Paul and John Annan, along with many of their associates, will be joining our team in our new location at the end of October. Both Paul and John will be overseeing the management of their division including production and sales of their current clients. Going forward, John will also have a seat on our management team.

Over 30 years ago when I started as a print broker, I had the privilege of working with their father and company founder Don Annan and I was fortunate to get to know the family and their incredible staff. Don was one of the first people to extend me credit to purchase printing from his company and I will never forget that. Their company has been known as one of the first true trade shops with a high quality focus in the country.

Several years ago, the company began to expand and focus their energy into dealing directly with clients. This meant less and less trade work, making the merger very appealing due to the lack of crossover between accounts.

With the sale of their building and our new facility just a few blocks away, we couldn’t ask for a better fit or more perfect timing!

The Annan’s are some of the most ethical, honest, and hard-working people in our industry and it’s a great honour to have them become a part of our team.
John Annan shared his thoughts on the merger saying, “As we started planning to relocate our production, we recognized C.J. Graphics as a great fit for our customers. C.J. Graphics is well known for great quality and service. This merger will allow us to continue to offer these high standards to our customers. C.J. Graphics is also very innovative in new technologies which
will give us more products to offer to our clients.”

Working out of our brand new state of the art facility in Mississauga, where the entire C.J. Graphics Group of Companies will be housed under one roof, the Annan’s and their staff will share their wealth of knowledge with our team, helping mentor and shape our younger and newer staff into our next evolution.


Jay Mandarino
President & CEO
The C.J. Group of Companies