Press Release: Canadian Print Action – Jay on The Facilitator

> January 15, 2015 CJ Graphics Inc. News, Press Release

The Facilitator

Jay Mandarino discusses his plans for growth and the continuing spike of mergers and acquisitions in Canadian printing.

It is hard to argue against stating Jay Mandarino, President and Founder of the C.J. Group of Companies, is the most-visible personality in Canada’s printing industry. By being so engaged in the community, particularly in the hypercompetitive environment of Toronto, he is as much a sounding board for insight as a lightning rod for criticism.

Mandarino, however, is the consummate entrepreneur on which the Canadian printing industry was built. He embodies the strategy and ambition needed to move through some of printing’s darkest days, when the business maturation of mobile, Internet-driven communications is wiping out swaths of excess press capacity, crippling companies that have existed for decades. When there is no longer an automatic generational succession of printing companies.

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About CJ Graphics Inc.
CJ Graphics is a member of the CJ Group of Companies, one of the largest privately-owned communications and graphics solutions firms in Canada. With 31 companies, and growing, under its umbrella, the CJ Group of Companies offers a complete suite of services that includes traditional lithography, digital printing, large-format production, screen printing, interactive solutions, mailing services, bindery services, fulfillment and logistics services, and publishing.

Jay Mandarino founded CJ Graphics 35 years ago and has grown the company into the multi-faceted enterprise it is today. The company’s new, custom-designed; 240,000 sq. foot state-of-the-art facility in Toronto will be finished late October 2017.

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