Submitting your File

  • Include 100% up-to-date laser prints of the final file of your project and indicate any special areas or intended effects on the prints
  • Include the job on a disk or CD within one folder
  •  Include all Screen and Postscript fonts used in the jobFile

Transfer Protocol (FTP)

  • To eliminate courier charges and move your project along faster, we recommend you use our high-speed FTP site totransport your file — ask your sales person for details
  • You can access our FTP site using Fetch or another commonly used FTP software
  • If you do not have FTP software, a free copy of Fetch can be downloaded from
  • Our site can also be accessed through Microsoft’sInternet Explorer (Windows only) — ask our print specialist about how you can take advantage of this quick-and-easy solution for delivering large files
  • For security purposes, you will be assigned a case-sensitive password so that you can access your file