Printers and Lithographers


Eco-friendly print production and protecting the environment are paramount at CJG. Here is just some of what we’ve accomplished…

  • We contain blanket wash and other chemicals in a closed-loop system that allows zero emissions into the atmosphere and water-treatment cycle.
  • We’ve installed our own reverse osmosis water plant in order to tightly control fountain solution.
  • We are one of the first major printers in North America to eliminate harmful isopropyl alcohol from the press dampening systems.
  • Most of the inks we use are soya or vegetable based – and when they’re not, we ensure that they contain the least possible amounts of ozone-damaging petroleum distillates and volatile organic compounds.
  • We no longer mix PMS inks by hand – a procedure that wastes ink and requires the use of hazardous solvents for clean-up. Instead, we are one of the few printing companies to invest in an Automatic Ink Mixer, which measures the exact amount of ink required, whether it’s 1 gram or 10 kilograms. This system leaves the dispensing tin 99.7% clean and ready for recycling.
  • We waste no ink – any ink produced in error is remixed to form black ink.
  • Our state-of-the-art solvent recycler drastically reduces the amount of spent solvent requiring disposal.
  • The use of computer-to-plate technology in all our projects eliminates the need for film and its attendant hazardous and toxic chemicals.
  • We collect and recycle everything from waste paper (generated from pre-production trimmings, print production, and binding operations) and bottles to toner cartridges and pop cans.
  • To maximize energy efficiency, our production plant is computer-controlled for heat, air-cooling, and humidity.
  • We recognize that to achieve our long-term environmental goals requires team commitment, ongoing cooperation with our employees, suppliers, clients, and industry peers, and the promotion of environmental awareness. To that end, we administer an environmental awards program and encourage participation.
  • C.J. Graphics Inc. is among the first printers in North America to receive Forest Stewardship Council® Canada Chain-of-Custody certification, and we are proud members of EcoChoice, and the Greenflow GreenTeam.